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What are the biggest challenges in running the e-commerce business?

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Rafael Golan, Head of Product at edrone
Bernhard Bicher, Co-founder & CEO at Onedot
Mara Taylor, Online Marketing Manager at Newsletter2Go
Dominick Kielbowicz, Business Developer Global Market at PushPushGo
Tomek Kasperski, Founder & CEO at Omnipack
Dustin Coates, Voice Search Go-to-Market Lead at Aloglia
Claes Larsson, Operations Lead Retail Core at Zalando
Markus Wübben, Founder & Managing Director at CrossEngage
Wibke Reidenbach-Meiler, Teamlead Customer Success at Intershop

The Future of Ecommerce in 2021: 5 Trends

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What’s the new normal for commerce? And what can you do to thrive in 2021 and beyond?

We interviewed 25+ industry leaders, investors, and commerce experts, and we discovered five global trends shaping retail and ecommerce. This in-depth report gives you an overview of each trend and practical steps you can take right now to future-proof your business.

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E-COMMERCE Interview Questions & Answers! (E-commerce Manager and E-commerce Specialist Interview!)

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E-COMMERCE Interview Questions & Answers by Richard McMunn of:
#ecommerceinterviewquestions #ecommerceinterviewtips
In this training video, Richard McMunn teaches you how to prepare for and PASS an E-commerce job interview. Whether you are applying to become an E-commerce specialist, an E-commerce Manager, or an E-commerce Assistant, make sure you study the tips! Here’s what’s covered by Richard in the video:

1. A list of e-commerce interview questions I strongly advise you prepare for.
2. Brilliant, unique ANSWERS to tough e-commerce interview questions.
3. TIPS on how to STANDOUT during your interview.
4. Further resources (including these slides) to help you SUCCEED at an E-commerce interview!

Marketing Executive Interview Questions:
SEO Interview Questions:
Digital Marketer Interview Questions:
Marketing Manager interview questions:

Q1. Tell me about yourself and why you want to work in e-commerce?
Q2. What do you want to work for our company in this e-commerce position?
Q3. What are the key elements of a successful AdWords campaign?
Q4. How would you deal with a client or stakeholder in your project who keeps pushing back on your recommendations?
Q5. When have you gone over and above for a customer or a client?
Q6. In your experience, what does a successful e-commerce digital marketing campaign consist of?
Q7. How do you see e-commerce and in particular digital marketing changing in future?
Q8. Tell me everything you know about Google Analytics?
Q9. Tell me a time when you successfully solved a long-standing problem?
Q10. Which parts of working in e-commerce do you enjoy the most and which parts do you find the most challenging?
Q11. Tell me what you would focus on in the first few weeks of starting work here?
Q12. What steps would you take to improve the quality of leads you were getting from a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign?
Q13. How would you build positive relationships with our clients and stakeholders?
Q14. Tell me a difficult project you had to work on. What was the project, what happened and how did you respond?
Q15. What steps do you take to keep your e-commerce knowledge up to date?
Q16. How do you plan your work?
Q17. What are your strengths?
Q18. Why do you want to leave your job?
Q19. What’s your biggest weakness?
Q20. Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?
Q21. What are your salary expectations in this e-commerce role?
Q22. That’s the end of your e-commerce interview. Do you have questions for the panel?

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Download 22 Great Answers to common E-Commerce interview questions in a PDF guide:

In this video, Gretta Van Riel breaks down the Top 10 Ecommerce Marketing Tips.

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Automate your eCommerce operations

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Connect, automate and scale your eCommerce operations. Sync all the data into your data warehouse, report on your BI dashboards, and take actionable steps to optimize operations – removing manual tasks and do more, faster. Steps you can automate with workflows on the Tray Platform include, shipping label creation, return order processing and tracking, and customer support ticket creation and synchronization.

In this video, I am going over 7 things you NEED to know about starting an ecommerce business in 2020. Enter the Alibaba #50kchallenge2020: and the Super September Event: If You’re On Mobile:

Watch this video in full and you will save time, money, and reach success faster with any e-commerce business.

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From pre-launch campaigns, to getting organic sales, to increasing your ROI using unique marketing tactics, there are so many things a new ecommerce seller should know. If you want to know how to start an ecommerce business in 2020, or the best strategies for ecommerce, this is the video for you. If I had watched this video before starting, I would have saved myself over ,000 of trial and error.

But seriously, this is the time to start your ecommerce business. There is so much opportunity in this field, and you’ll see that the growth is trending upwards year after year. More buyers means a market that is growing too, so private labeling and direct to consumer are booming business opportunities.

I hope you guys find a lot of value out of this video – please comment below if you’re thinking about taking the leap. I am so glad I took the risk to start my own ecommerce businesses. Today, they bring in passive income and give my life more excitement. If you have any questions about how to start, make sure to check out my other videos too.

My 12 Sources of Income at Age 29 (7 Figure Entrepreneur):

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How Do I Effectively Fulfill eCommerce Orders?

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How Do I Effectively Fulfill eCommerce Orders?

Complexity is increasing due to the variability of order volumes. How does your organization address velocity, seasonal spikes, demands from new channels? The competitive landscape of eCommerce necessitates that organizations continually look at how they are addressing their supply chain network and how they are introducing new business processes to fulfill multiple order types.

WATCH NOW to learn key considerations in implementing a truly effective eCommerce fulfillment strategy.

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